Dr. Amin Norouzi records



; Amin Norouzi has MA degree in physical therapy and PhD of physical therapy in Tehran Shahid Beheshti Medicine University that his managerial and work experience is as follows

     Fencing national team physiotherapist in 1998

    2014 Esteghlal football team physiotherapist since 1996 to

        Esteghlal clinic founder and technical responsible person ( private clinic) since 1999 up to now

      Football national team physiotherapist since 2007 to 2008 for AFC Asian Cup in Malaysia

      Football national team physiotherapist in the west Asian games in 1997

      Head of the rehabilitation committee of the federation of sport medicine  now

-          Supervisor of dispatched rehabilitation team of sport medicine federation to Guangzhou Asian games in 2010   

     Head of medicine committee of Esteghlal club since 1996 to 2014

       Management of Esteghlal clinic since 1999 up to now


Norouzi also has research and educational experiences that includes


         Teaching in the faculty of rehabilitation of Shahid Beheshti Medicine University

         Sport Physiotherapy training unit instructor of BA and MA physiotherapy students

       Sport Physiotherapy training unit instructor of sport medicine residents

-          Teacher of 100 – hour physiotherapist course of sport medicine federation team

-          Printing article of “ treatment of chronic radiclo pani in the first sacral nerve root in the world journal “ Journal of Back and Musculoskeletal” in 2010 IsI


 Printing article of “ which type of graft for cruciate ligament reconstruction surgery is better” in world journal “ world Journal of Sport Sciences “ in 2009

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